The Advantages to Get Your Own Website You Need to Know

Post On: 8 July 2017
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July 12, 2017

What are the benefits of creating a blog and what are the benefits to get your own website? This kind of question generally arises because we rarely come into contact with the internet world. Whereas currently the development of the Internet has been so massive and almost all aspects of the business would not have to connect with the virtual world.

Actually, a lot of benefits if you can get your own website and have it. So what are the advantages of creating a blog, here are some things that might inspire you.

Building a Writing Culture

As we know, countries have most audiences, and is not yet a human writer. We also prefer to use ears and eyes to hear and see visually and distantly or less familiar with the culture of writing. In fact, most developed countries are more concerned with writing culture than listening or seeing.

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Well, by creating and get your own website, then you can pour creative ideas in the form of writing. Especially if our blog has a lot of visitors, of course, our writing can provide benefits. Moreover, with writing habits, we can build more patterns of thought and logic, and this is very important to support the progress of the nation.

Online Revenue Source

You’ve heard about the number of online business people, online store owners, and internet marketers who can earn thousands of dollars per month via the internet. Information tersbut not just gossip or puffing. Even with only 1 (one) blog only, if we master the problem of blog optimization, it is not impossible you will be tempted to quit your permanent job and switch to online business.

Supporting Career

Currently almost no big companies can forget the importance of online promotion. Therefore you can easily find various websites from these big companies. The existence of the website is actually not to do promotion or marketing in expanding the market, but rather to improve the image and positioning company.

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Well, if you intend to work and build a career in big companies, you are also required to follow the development of technology, including knowledge of blogging. That’s a few things to answer questions about what the benefits of creating a blog.

Easy Ways to Get Your Own Website

If you want to learn to create a blog, a lot of reference resources that can be used as a reference. In addition to the printed books that are sold in many bookstores you can also search on the internet. In addition to free, information about the world of blogging in cyberspace very much at all. With various refereni that there is no reason not to have their own blog.

Maybe there are some of you who think, ah why does it have a blog and what’s in it? Enjoy chatting via Facebook or Twitter only.

Most Internet users are more interested in social networking services than blogging. Even the number of facebook users in most countries is very much and dominates the number of people who are literate internet.

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Blogging or blogging is different from chat. And the ability to create and have a bog is actually very important and strategic than just being able to chat or status updates on social networks. Especially if you want to plunge into the business world, then the ability to create a blog is needed. Good for online business and offline business.

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To have your blog also do not need to spend a dime except for the internet connection only. Today there are many free blogging service providers that can be accessed easily. Although the way of making blogs vary, but at each service provider there is also a relatively easy tutorial to follow.

Some of the most popular and widely used blog platforms are wordpress and blogspot. Before we learn to get your own website in detail it’s good you know each platform because it will be very useful in the optimization process.

Blogger / Blogspot. Blogspot platform is a free blog from owned by Google. This blog platform is the most number of its users than others. In addition to easy to use, the features provided this platform is also fairly complete. Moreover, blogspot owned by Google certainly easier in accordance with the provisions issued by Google as the search engine ruler.

WordPress. WordPress platform (WP) also includes popular and a lot of users after blogspot. There are two versions for this blog, which is a free version that can be accessed through or paid version by using the hosting itself. In addition to easy to use, this blog platform is also widely supported plugin that is free but effective in supporting the process of website optimization.

That’s an introductions about learning to get your own website, while for more detailed technical description of how to create a blog will be described in a separate paper.


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