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Post On: 17 August 2018
August 17, 2018


Social Media has risen as the game changer for business marketing and branding. Take a read best selection recommendation social media sites for business in this article.


Nowadays society becomes more connect and depending on the internet, this also related to business which being forged to online world than the world physically. Because of that social media and marketing is become the dominant and effective way to reach all sizes of prospects and customers.

Social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. is become the base of conducting and enlarge the business. But which is the best social media platforms for the company to use. We have provided a list of best selection social media sites in this article. Let’s Check It Out!

social media sites

social media sites

Variety of Social Media Sites For Business

With about more than 70 % of the population in this world using social media, social media marketing may have the potential to reach a lot of business client and customer for the sake of your business progress. Here are the following recommendation of suitable social media to start business marketing.

  • Facebook

Facebook becomes the most popular and most extensive social media network on the internet with the total number of active monthly users more than 1.59 billion. Facebook was founded on 2004 by Marck Zuckerberg and its become the suitable place for connecting people around the world by online chat, posting favourite moment and exciting information, notify the event, show off your photo and status with the unique visual features,  etc. Furthermore, Facebook social media also being used as the best medium for marketing and promote your business product and service by using the paid feature like Facebook Ads or the free feature like Facebook Business Fanpage.

  • Google+

Besides the Facebook the Google product called Google + is still attractive as the social media for either for networking or business purpose with its SEO value to help your posting go viral,Google + Circle to keep in touch with your friend and colleague, posting information with variant attachment, and held the video conferences with hangouts. Google + also has its place as the favourite social media sites with more than 400 million active users since 2015. With all the various features its very suitable medium for you to promote your brand and enlarge your business market.

  • Twitter

Twitter is the major social media platform with total number active user for 320 million approximately and was founded by Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone, and Evan Williams in 2006. This social media allows the user to post short text called tweet in a limited number of character recently up to 280 characters and add the specific attachment in it like photo or video in twitter timeline that can go across the world wide web.  The advantage of Twitter lies in its ability to make your post to go viral across the user for around the world with hashtags and timeline feature that perfect for you to promote your business, fast response FAQ with your customers, interact with strategic client, release latest and flash news for your business, show brilliant company profile,etc.

  • LinkedIn

Linked In is the pioneer of professional social media platform that was founded in 2002 by Reid Hoffman and launched in 2003. Recently Linked In is the social media that have over 400 million users and provided the feature of 24 user language, Linked In Profile, and Question Section of Linked In. For business, it can be used as your online business resume to give precise information to your customers and client.

  • Instagram

Instagram is the social media platform based on photos and video sharing that allow you to capture the best moment of your life, post the exciting information about food, travel, fashion, game and similar subjects and convert it into the artwork with the multiple filter and settings. The site was founded and launched by Kevin Systrom and Mike Kriege in 2010, also later it owned by the facebook inc and recently have more than 400 million users. This social media platform will help your business by eliminating the tangle of your product showcase, highlighting your business product and service in the best visual conception, and show your business accomplishment with a structured arrangement.

  • Pinterest

Like Instagram, Pinterest is one of the best recommendations about social media marketing sites based on visual or image sharing and bookmarking platform. This social media sites launched in 2010 and was founded by Ben Silbermann, Evan Sharp, and Paul Sciarra, with more than 100 million active users per month. The Pinterest website enables your business to have a product offering showcase and branding personality in digital bulletin boards that can be view by the online public.

  • Foursquare

In essence, Foursquare is the location search and discovery social media platform that allows you to find the best recommendation places for entertainment, food outlets, etc. nearby your area and tell your exact check-in location to your close friend or the public.  Furthermore, this social media was founded Dennis Crowley, and Naveen Selvadurai in 2016 and recently have 40 million users approximately. Finally, the sites also have the social networking feature that implemented in the app called Swarm, with this the foursquare can be your option for achieving marketing on social based on location information sharing.

  • YouTube

Youtube is the largest and most popular platform for creating and sharing video content. Youtube sites were founded in 2005 by Jawed Karim, Steve Chen, and google company bought Chad Hurley who is the former Paypal employees and later this sites in 2006 for $1.65 billion. Recently this social media sites has over 1 billion sites user per month and become the second popular search engine website after the google website itself, so it can be said that youtube can also be used as the dominant and useful social media marketing tool for business based on video content.

Now there’s no doubt anymore to social as the essential tool for marketing your business and keep your business stay visible and relevant for the customer. The Fact is  92 % of the marketer, and business owner says that social media sites helped them improve business exposure. Hopefully, this article can help you find the right social media platform and maximise the potential of social media for company development towards a better future.

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