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Post On: 2 September 2017
September 12, 2017

There seems to be no more identical profession to the millennium than social media specialist and various social media marketing specialist position like social media manager, social media admin, social media officer, and others. A few years ago, the work was practically nonexistent. But now, the power of social media leads to the perception and shapes the trend that more corporations understand as a way of reaching the consumer’s attention. In effect, almost every company now has one or more staff that specializes in social media accounts.

The proliferation of this profession does not necessarily make the public familiar. Not a few who think social media specialist and other social media management services is an easy job that can be done anyone who likes passing by social media. Is that true?

What is Social Media Specialist?

Simply put, a Social Media Specialist is in charge of controlling the entire content of a company’s social network. But their work is not limited to just upload photos or write a line of two lines just tweet. Every step taken by a Social Media Specialist in cyberspace has been calculated strategically. From different content placements to different media, proper use of keywords, to publication time planning is needed to ensure the content of the post reaches the largest audience and gives the desired effect.

social media marketing specialist

Not limited to companies, social media specialist services are also used by individuals, especially public figures such as politicians and celebrities. For them, imagery and popularity has long been considered one of the parameters of success, and now the existence of social media site is a new medium to gain fame. This is where the expertise of social media specialist position and manipulate image of the client in cyberspace is needed.

Build Career As Social Media Marketing Specialist

Do you need to become social media specialist? Does any person who has a social networking account can be a social media marketing specialist? Not necessarily. Ideally, besides having a high interest in the digital world and being active in various social networks, a competent Social Media Specialist also needs to have good communication skills, sensitive to the development of trends and topics, and creative. Understanding the basic tricks about social media marketing services and in-depth knowledge of the individual or company becomes a plus.

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Functions and Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Sometimes, social media marketing specialist also assumes the job as a public relations for the clients they represent. Complaints directed by customers to a company’s social media page or any outstanding news stories need to be responded to and responded to promptly and clarified. Daily responsibilities social media specialist varies from curling content to creating events and quizzes, depending on the client’s needs.

For basic obligations, there are some that they need to meet:

  • Analyze and evaluate audience reactions in various social media websites.
  • Interact with customers.
  • Create and reinforce brand identity.
  • Maintain credibility and trust from customers.

Are you interesting in social media marketing specialist profession?

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