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Post On: 20 August 2018
August 20, 2018


Social Media is essential either in the business or social and it needs the tool to enhance its quality. Check out the best social network analysis tool in this article


Recently the internet user having an average number of 5.54 social media accounts, from the business purpose to public networking purpose is have needs for the social media brands and enhance their performance on the social network to enlarge their market and influence through the netizen across the website.

Social network analysis social media tool is the best tool to help you define the most efficient effort and strategies for reaching your target audience and adapting to the inevitable trend. In this article, you will discover the best selection of social network analysis software that can help you improve the performance of your social media account or brand.

social network analysis

social network analysis

The Guide To Find The Best Quality Social Network Analysis

Social media analysis is not only presented in numeric and word data in infographics.  But also presents classified data with the practical suggestion so that it can provide a clear picture of the development or decline of our social media accounts and solutions to solve the problem.  Here are several social media analytics tools that easy to understand and worth checking out :

  • Buzz Sumo

Buzz Sumo is the online network analysis tool that made for competitive analysis and identic with tracking and focusing the top social content or topic without uninterrupted through piles of data. The service feature enables you to measure the shares that your social network competitors get the high content and then you can use this tool as the medium to promote your social network material that relates and identifies as the most critical shares to reach out to around the world.  For you who want to get access and get beneficial benefits from this tool, you have to pay the price for around $99 – $699 monthly.

  • Buffer

The buffer is the software management or scheduling tool to maximise the potential of their social media by helping to space out social media post and optimise time publishing through this platform. Buffer also well known for its capability to manage multiple social media profile through this platform with ease, so it was allowing the user to queue post in various accounts with structured schedule and suggestion post based on follower activity. This software work as third-party extensions for regular social media platforms which have the price to access from free trial and $2,550  per year.

  • Hootsuite

Similar to software buffer, the Hoot Suite is the social network analysis program that worked as the social media management dashboard. This platform brings not only the general panel for social media management but also the access for competitive analysis by the capability to track standard engagement number, team performance, manage multiple social media profile, etc. To access this platform and full feature you must be paid the price for around $19 – $499 per month.

  • Brandwatch

The brand watch is the best choice of social media reporting software that works for entire main social media platforms and providing the facilities of accurate data presentation deprieve of spam and duplicates. Perhaps this software is suitable as the research suite that provides information concerning different market and able to monitor your social media brand reputation in real time based positive or negative response of user about your account activity.  Brandwatch is also supporting the user with 25 languages and 70 million plus data sources, for the access price contact the customer service to discuss it according to your plan.

  • Keyhole

Keyhole is the social media tracking software that can measure in precise detail the impact of the brand or trend in the mainstream social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The software also serves extra feature like the capability of real-time monitoring hashtags,keyword, and phrases in metrics and reveal the information surrounding social media account that categorised as the influencer which has highest visitor and interaction numbers. You can access this software by paid the price for around $165 – $999 per month.

  • Rival IQ

Rival IQ is the social network analysis platform which you can use as social media data analysis of your competitors by tracking rival brands performance on the leading social media platform on the web. The software service provides the historical report about increase or decrease of the audience of social network sites in the annual basis, and this data can be used as the comparison tool for social media brand growth to some event or business cycles. The price of this software is range from $299 – $799 per month

  • Google Analytics

Google Analytics becomes the most popular resource of social media analysis tool on the website which has the capability of analysing sites and social media traffic and metrics. Beside that google analytics also have the extra features like a social report to analytics to determine the conversion value of the visitors from your site or different social site that show the response of visitor about your account on the social networks. This software provides various range of price to access it from the free user with limited access of the feature to $150,000 per month for fully granted of the software feature.

  • Klout

Klout social network data analysis software is well known for its social media assessment from scale 1-100 to quantify social media account influence to another platform. The feature of this tool is developed as the vanity project of Some and the score that you get in this software is based on your ability to engage and drive capability to your social media account. Furthermore, the software also can give you the view of the most influential social media account in a social network world, and the price of this software depends on your unique plan.

Its wrong logical and unrealistic to say one best selection social network analysis tool is enough there are diverse platforms with different analysis need. The combination of several tools will help you provide the most comprehensive and suitable analytics for your need. With the list of information above as your guide, hopefully, you will find the perfect analytics tool to boosts the productivity of your social media accounts while giving you the vital information you need to correcting the errors in it.

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