Functions and Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Post On: 2 July 2017
July 2, 2017

What are benefits of social media marketing? Social Media is a place where everyone (User) can communicate with each other in doing online. Within social media, each person can add friends who are familiar, also share posts or status, images, or videos that can be viewed by other users according to the settings made by the user itself.

Typically, Social Media is used to interact with friends or family. For example, If a friend issues an opinion by creating status (Posts, pictures or video) then the added friend can know and can comment to discuss.
Many social media sites exist on the internet, but the most popular Social Media today is Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter. You can sign up and start looking for friends, and interact with friends you’ve added.

Benefits Of Social Media Marketing

As a user, you should also be able to utilize Social Media well. How to ? Use Social Media as necessary to find friends who have not met or lost contacts, to find information, as a medium of learning / discussion with friends, and others. In addition, if you want to share knowledge with many people, then social media is the right place to start sharing.

benefits of social media marketing

Social media marketing is now growing to be able to function as a media business online by offering goods or services through social media. It becomes an opportunity for you to start an online business by using Social Media, because it’s social media has now been used almost everyone, even can be called as the identity of everyone on the internet. That way, your business has a chance to be crowded.

Benefits Of Social Media Marketing with Google Plus

If you do not yet know how to create Social Media, then I will provide How to create Google Plus as your Social Media. Why Google Plus (Google+)? Because Google Plus has many advantages compared to other Social Media. For information, Google+ is a social media owned by Google Inc.

Benefits Of Google Plus:

  • By having a Google Plus account you will be integrated with other google-owned networks.
  • Google plus also has a good view on the mobile display, making it easier for users to operate using mobile devices.
  • Google Plus Spark Features that are not owned by other social media websites, its functionality such as search engine allows you to search for instant and accurate information on topics of interest without having to leave Google plus.
  • No need to worry about personal data, you can retrieve your personal data in full. You can download data via Data Liberation on Google Plus. In terms of personal data protection, Google Plus is more mature.
  • Video chat feature I taste to be excellent is the Hangouts feature. Where you can chat with several people at once face-to-face. Hangouts on google plus features you can use for meetings or family chats.
  • Concept in friendship more organized. Namely by using circle or Circle, where you can group friends, family, business relationships and others so that you can interact comfortably and not mix with each other.

How to make google + is easy. Because Google Plus is a product of Google, then if you already have a Gmail email account then you automatically have a Google Plus account. You just visit then enter your Gmail email address and your Password. If you do not have a Gmail account then you have to create first. (How to Create a Gmail Email). After that you just set the google plus profile, like adding your profile picture. If so, you’re ready to use google Plus.

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Thats about benefits of social media marketing hope usefull for you.

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