Social Media Definition

Post On: 9 August 2018
August 13, 2018

Social media definition can be defined as a global phenomenon that is developing at this time. Some studies show the great intensity of growing interest in research on social media. Changes in technology that are becoming increasingly digital have given birth to several platforms that function to facilitate users to establish interaction and communication. But social media is not just a platform. Social scientists see new media more on content. Social media is more significantly seen as content rather than the platform. Content makes social media so interesting.


By looking at content, it does not mean that social media definition understanding the platform. An important platform can be used as an infrastructure facility or facilitate content. Content is more interesting to study social science. Without content, social media loses the ‘social’ element. Finally, social media becomes a dead technology and is not even worthy of being called ‘media’. The content that flows also varies. Different platforms, different content. Facebook is different from Twitter. Instagram is different from YouTube and vice versa.

Social Media Definition

Social Media Definition in This Generation

The use of platforms by individuals varies with the number of platforms used by each individual. Other regions also have other content. Viral content also varies by region. This indicates that content in substance, distribution, and function, is not universal. The question that arises is “Why we post?” and “Why are we posting?”


Before the development of new media platforms, we know there are at least two main ways people communicate through the media. First is broadcasting media such as radio, television, and newspapers. This technology facilitates one-way communication. The broadcaster has no control over the audience and the audience plays a passive role by listening, seeing and or reading. Second is telecommunications technology such as the telephone. This technology facilitates two-way communication.

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Now let’s imagine about platforms called Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Line, and so on. In everyday life, we call that platform as social media. Again, social science looks at content, rather than platforms. So, each individual has a different scale in using the new media platform. Moreover, the development of a phenomenon makes each individual installs more than one social media platform as a communication medium. For example, we prefer to talk about personal matters with other people through Whatsapp rather than Facebook. In the end, social media definition is scalable sociality. Our association with others varies in scale. The possibility of scaling up our interactions with others from the most public to the most private or vice versa, facilitated by new media called social media.

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