Social Media Marketing Courses

Post On: 13 August 2018
August 13, 2018

Social Media Marketing Courses – Hi everyone this is Laura and I will be your instructor for this course. This course is for anyone who has something to promote, we are very small budget or no budget at all to invest in dvertising. I will teach you how to master social media to reach your target audience and increase your sales. We will be starting off with a self-assessment there is a PDF you can download to test your knowledge of social media. Before we get into the actual course you will review the document at the end of the course, to see how far you have come and to check whether you are ready to proceed with your final assignment.


Our first section will be about the fundamentals of marketing. We will review the most important concept anywhere from segmentation to product positioning, then we will move on to a section that will introduce you to the world of social media. You understand what they are, what they can do for you and most importantly we will introduce the editorial plan and the editorial calendar. You will be provided with templates that will make your life so much easier. We will then have three main sections, one about Facebook, one about Twitter and the third, one about Instagram.

Social Media Marketing Courses

Social Media Marketing Courses

Additional section will be dedicated to niche social media sites. You will learn how to master these tools and I will share some little secrets that will make your activity more efficient and effective. We will then move on to community management a company does not need customers. It needs sense and you will learn how to turn your audience into and make each single customer a brand ambassadors that will spread your word for you. Then we will have a section fully dedicated to blogging to understanding how to blog with purpose and use a blog to create an additional income stream.


You wouldn’t mind making some money on the side would you another section will provide you with all the instruments you need to monitor your social media and blogging and you will be able to produce a fantastic analytics report no worries you’ll get a template for that one as well we will conclude our journey with a case study about the Dark Knight Rises to see white campaign was crowned. Best social media campaign ever and what you to learn from it first of all I’m super passionate about what I do the first time I’ve seen a website I immediately thought I had to learn how to create one since then I never stopped learning anything from web design to all like marketing in terms of education I have a background in business innovation management and entrepreneurship my skills passion and enthusiasm allowed me to create the largest online community of Leonardo taco stands and work for some of the most famous brands in the movie industry.


I also work as a community major on various projects related to the Great Gatsby movie that I specialize in community management for startups and entrepreneurs I also ended up teaching my own community management curse in the context of various masters programs throughout Italy and now here I am I want to specify that no one is paying me for promoting any tool that I mentioned throughout the curse if I tell you this something is useful and works really well it’s because I have tried it and you work well for me there is no specific requirement for attending this course except for one.

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You need to be passionate no matter how good I can be no matter how about will the information I share with you you won’t get anywhere without putting your heart into it be open to learning and to success and I promise you are going to love this exciting journey now I think we are ready to start I’ll see you in our next lecture


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