What are Social Media Platforms You Should to Know

Post On: 17 June 2017
July 2, 2017

What are social media platforms? Social media is a medium to socialize with each other and done online that allows humans to interact with each other without being limited space and time.

Social media platform can be grouped into several major parts namely:

  1. Social Networks, social media for socializing and interacting (likely top social media sites Facebook, myspace, hi5, Linked in, bebo, etc.)
  2. Discuss, social media that facilitates a group of people to chat and discussion (google talk, yahoo! M, skype, phorum, etc.)
  3. Share, social media that facilitate us to share files, videos, music, etc. (youtube, slideshare, feedback, flickr, crowdstorm, etc.)
  4. Publish, (wordpredss, wikipedia, blog, wikia, digg, etc)
  5. Social games, social media in the form of games that can be done or played together (koongregate, doof, pogo, cafe.com, etc.)
  6. MMO (kartrider, warcraft, neopets, conan, etc.)
  7. Virtual worlds (habbo, imvu, starday, etc)
  8. Livecast (y! Live, blog tv, justin tv, listream tv, livecastr, etc)
  9. Livestream (socializr, froendsfreed, socialthings !, etc)
  10. Micro blog (twitter, plurk, pownce, twirxr, plazes, tweetpeek, etc.)

what is a social media

Social media erase human boundaries to socialize, space and space limitations, with this social media human beings are possible to communicate with each other wherever they are and whenever, no matter how far they are, and no matter day or night.

What are Social Media Platforms Really?

Social media has a huge impact on our lives today with many most popular social media sites. A person whose origin is “small” can instantly become big with social media, and vice versa “big” people in a second can become “small” with Social media.

If we can take advantage of what are social media platforms, there are so many benefits that we can, as media marketing, commerce, looking for connections, expanding friendships, etc. But if we are utilized by social media either directly or indirectly, not a few losses that will be in can like addiction, hard to get along in the real world, autism, etc.).

Smart people can take advantage of what are social media platforms to make life easier, make it easier for them to learn, find work, send tasks, find information, shop, etc.

Social media platform adds a new dictionary in our treasury that in addition to knowing the real world we also now know the “virtual world”. Free world with no boundaries that contain people from the real world. Everyone can be anything and anyone in cyberspace. A person can be very different in life between the real world and the virtual world, this is seen primarily in what are social media platforms.

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