Social Media Revolution in Today’s Society

Post On: 8 August 2018
August 8, 2018

Social Media Revolution in Today’s Society – Information sharing tools are popular in today’s society. Whether it’s adult or young people, they have social media. They like to scroll their phone down just to see the timeline and latest update by other users. This popular tool is called social media. The social media revolution has started since the era of Friendster, Myspace, MRC, to Yahoo Messenger. Social media only has one specialization where the design is used to chat, blog, as well as share video and photos.


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The social media revolution also continues to evolve with the services added, especially when Facebook emerges that is able to summarize all the uses of its social media. Where all social media is powerless, users are sucked. And go bankrupt. The use of social media that is increasingly loved by anyone. It makes social media become great for selling promotions. Starting from selling t-shirts, culinary, makeup, to everything that can be sold. Until the social media evolve as a place of slander, the spread of news of hatred, hoaxes, deception, and popularity poll in the political field.

Social Media Revolution in Today’s Society

Social mediamake this tool become one of the easiest and fastest ways to gain money. The term buzzer or influencer is so familiar nowadays. This buzzer is paid in two types which are volunteering themselves to promote some product or brand and the second one is paid by a certain amount based on their engagement. Being a buzzer or influencer is an easy job because they just have to post content on their social media and they get paid. They can earn much money through social media. Even if the project or endorse is paid, their value reaches up highly until million. That’s why there are more and more people who want to be a buzzer or influencer because they can get money a lot in an easy way.

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It is not only a buzzer or influence who gain profit from social media. A business owner can gain profit through the revolution of social media. As we know that right now, social media is not just a platform where we can make a friend or get information. We can also get money as well by selling things. As we mentioned before, there are many things that can be sold on social media. Social media revolution changes the customer behavior to shop online. Especially where online shopping is more practical and the price is cheaper, that’s why social media become a place to get money. We are really curious about the next revolution of social media. What would it be?


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