Tips on How to Create a Good Blog That Google Love

Post On: 12 July 2017
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July 12, 2017

Many bloggers are still confused about how to create a good blog that Google loves. A good blog is not only interesting in terms of appearance but which is more important is that SEO friendly or Google friendly. Why make a site or blog nice and interesting if no one is visiting.

Matt Cutts, a Google engineer said that the latest Google algorithm change prioritizes quality blogs and is able to provide optimal benefits for visitors. Two measures that should be our size regarding the value of whether or not a good blog. But how criteria quality and benefits of a blog?

In further details, the Matt said that bloggers prefer the content unique, original, and provide useful information and needed visitors. Even in its free translation sentence, blog owners only need to pay attention and write content regularly with good quality. Blog owners do not need to think about backlinks or spamming links to blogs occupy the first page of Google.

How to Create a Good and Lovable Blog Google

Although the statement of this Matt could come up with criticisms following Google’s SERP results are still bringing blogs no quality in their first page, but this can be our parameters as well as how to create a good blog that Google loves. Diligent updates with unique and useful content is the key to a good and quality blog.
In writing articles for blog content, you are also supposed to pay attention to the keywords you want to target.

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Place and spread the keyword in the title of the article, the first sentence of the article, and the last sentence of the article. With the right keyword placement, a unique and useful article will be very quickly indexed by Google and able to compete with other similar keywords in order to achieve the best position.

In addition, for our quality blog is able to compete in the fight for a major position in Google search results, then you also have to pay attention to several things, such as the use of themes or templates are SEO friendly, pagespeed or loading process when accessed also fast, and the use of keywords Or keywords that are also effective. That’s just simple tips on how to create a good blog that Google loves.

How To Make A Blog To Appear On Google Quickly

How do I create a blog to appear on Google or indexed quickly. One of the factors that your blog visited is listed or indexed in Google. Not a few bloggers who are confused when the blog or posting has not been indexed even though it has been a few days. In fact, the process of indexing by Google can actually take place quickly, even in a matter of minutes.

So how do I make a blog to appear on Google quickly, here are some things you need to do.

Submitting XML Sitemaps

XML Sitemap is a sitemap required by search engines like Google to browse the structure and content of a blog. This sitemap will greatly assist Google robots in crawling blog content and indexing it in search engines. Therefore once you finish creating a blog, immediately submit XML Sitemap via Google Wesmaster Tools.

Do Fleching by Google

Indexing is also important whenever you update your blog with new articles or content. Well, after you post a new article, immediately do fleching through Google Wesmaster Tools. Usually, the indexing process only takes a few minutes, especially if your article or your blog structure is not experiencing problems.

Building Internal Links

If you are a diligent blogger posting and updating your blog or website, you need to do or create an internal link by connecting between posts. By building links between posts that are in the same category, then your post will also quickly indexed by Google.

How to Create a Good blog

Support with Social Media

The new Hummingbird algorithm strongly supports the role of social media sites in increasing the ranking of a website or blog. Therefore, how to create a blog to appear on Google quickly is to submit your blog URL or post page URL to some social media sites. See more social media what is it.

Check the Theme or Template

Although some of the above have been moved, there is also a site atua postingannya not indexed by Google. If this happens more than two days, you should check the theme or template you use. In some cases, long or un-indexed sites are also caused by errors in template structure. Therefore, how to create a blog to appear on Google is to change the template more SEO friendly or fast loading process.


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