Why Using Social Media Marketing for Business?

Post On: 21 July 2017
July 21, 2017

What are the functions of using social media marketing and why use social media for business? Using social media for business is an effective promotion tool because it can be accessed by anyone, so network promotion can be more large. Social media becomes an indispensable part of marketing for many companies and is one of the best ways to reach customers and clients.

Social media websites like blogs, facebook, twitter, youtube and much more has a number of benefits for the company and faster than conventional media such as print media and TV commercials, brochures and leaflets.

why use social media marketing

Why use social media marketing because social media has many advantages compared to conventional media, among others:

Simplicity to Use Social Media

In a conventional media production It takes high-level skills and superior marketing skills. While social media is very easy to use, even for people without basic IT can access it, all it takes is a computer and internet connection.

Build Relationships

Social media offers an unparalleled opportunity to interact with customers and build relationships. The company gets a direct feedback, idea, test and manage customer service quickly. Not with traditional media that can not do that, traditional media only make one-way communication.

Global Coverage with Using Social Media Marketing

Traditional media can reach globally but of course at very costly and time-consuming costs. Through social media, businesses can communicate information in an instant, regardless of geographic location. Social media also makes it possible to tailor your content to each market segment and provide business opportunities to deliver messages to more users.

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With easy system-tracking, messaging can be scalable, so companies can instantly know the effectiveness of the campaign. Not so with conventional media that takes a long time.

Social Media Benefits

When we define social media as a communication system then we must define the functions associated with communication systems, namely: Administration organized proofil company employees in the relevant social network and relative where your market position now. Establishment of social media policy training, and education for all employees on the use of social media. The establishment of an organization and content integration within the relevant community. Research the market to find where your market is.

using social media for marketing

Listen and Learn

Making a monitoring system to hear what your market wants, what’s relevant to them.

Thinking and Planning

How you will stay ahead of the market and how you communicate to the marketplace. How social technologies improve the operational efficiency of market relationships.


Establishing effective measures is critical to measuring whether the methods used, the content created and the tools you use are effective in improving your market position and relationships. So, you know why use social media marketing for your success business.

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